The Radio Field – Don’ts And Dos (Album) – CD


The Radio Field  / Don’ts And Dos / Album released 2023 / Digipack CD.

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 These songs by The Radio Field burrow their way through my ear canal direcly into the comfort center of my brain – and stay there forever. Already their debut “Simple EP”, that Lars recorded mostly on his own was a killer, here is the eagerly awaited album Don’ts And Dos. And these ten songs, produced in bass player Christoph’s Domblick Studio in Cologne and enriched with well-known guests (Robert Stadtlober, Stefanie Schrank, Phantom Handshakes, Bukahara) are catchy tunes start to finish! Landmarks! Instant Hits! Or how do you call songs you can sing along with and that put a spring in your shoes for the entire day? MARK KOWARSCH (SHARON STONED, SPEEDNIGGS, ANTIKÖRPER ON BYTE FM)

What started as the lockdown homerecording project of Lars from Subterfuge now became a proper band with Mark Specht (first Subterfuge drummer), Christoph Schneider (Bass –  Clayton Farlow, Klee, Soap/Soccer) and Philipp Breuer (Guitar – Pale) joining in. Their debut album DON’TS AND DOS will be realeased (LP, CD, digital) on Aug 25 via Subjangle (SA) and Less Records (DE), distributed by Cargo Records.


01 Clover (feat. Stefanie Schrank) – Album Version
02 Valhalla
03 Other One (feat. Phantom Handshakes)
04 Disorder
05 The Version (feat. Robert Stadlober)
06 She Needs Therapy (feat. Mimi Welldirty) – Fuzzy Album Version
07 Sick And Tired
08 The Wait (feat. Josephine de Mogan) – Album Version
09 Years Ago – Album Version
10 Love

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