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“et” is the second album of Düsseldorf based composer and sounddesigner Tom Blankenberg after his highly acclaimed debut “atermus”. During the first lockdown period he just wrote „Music to listen to when one is alone … and that one can confide in.“
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It’s March 2020 and the sudden silence of spring that year changes the entire world and shifts perception.
The Düsseldorf-based composer Tom Blankenberg had just finished recording his second album. But the situation at hand had however made the recordings sound unfitting to the times …
“There was too much in it …” Blankenberg continues to write, rearranges and condenses the silent presence of these months down to an essence. Shortstories, utilizing a vocabulary from classical, jazz, avant-garde and ambient. They tell of a new day-to-day life, of rediscovered places and suddenly audible ambient sounds. They are about the first warm summer nights and the writing of a letter that has long wanted to be written. And also a little about sorrow. “It should hurt in some moments. But it’s a sweet pain, it’s bearable.” These ambivalent simultaneous emotions pervade the whole album. Melancholy and wellbeing, lightness and severity resound at the same moment. Ambiguity dissolves.
The results are 9 wonderful piano monologues that want to whisper something different into the ear of each listener and that become a sincere companion for the moment you listen. Blankenberg’s second album is called “et”.


What the press said:
„et is a nighttime masterpiece… we only harm ourselves if we ignore it. This is an essential album, it needs to be heard…” – piano and coffee co
„ … his music really stands out from the rest… His control of space, time, silence and sound — such as in “kashmir” — is bliss.“ – Doug Thomas
„et füllt den Raum mit etwas, das nur mit dem Wort „Schönheit“ umschrieben werden kann.” – D-dorf Pop Day
01. acnor – 3:36
02. hibiskus – 4:31
03. less – 3:02
04. W123 – 6:40
05. katzaki – 1:53
06. dear – 7:30
07. kaschmir – 8:51
08. meniskus – 4:58
09. SLAS – 2:07
released April 16, 2021
composed & performed by Tom Blankenberg
recorded at van heys studio, kleve
except „kaschmir“ and „SLAS“ recorded at studio bock, düsseldorf
mixed and mastered by Kai Blankenberg
design by tg mauss, düsseldorf

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