The Snake Wife,

On their second single from the forthcoming album Dots (Release March 2022) Subterfuge show their uptempo, darker side. All yet within the boundaries of indie pop with the usual vocals harmonies and jangly guitars.

Press Release:

Formed in 1991 SUBTERFUGE are one of a handful German first generation Indiepop groups that are still around. Between 1993 and 2005 the band recorded four studio albums. Other priorities in life and solo projects came into the way of any joint activities, while time passed and Daniel, Kai, Lars, Lorenz, Tom and Tommy stayed closest friends. Around 2 years ago the group came back together in their original line up to work on new material. After their return single Stephanie Said here is the second release THE SNAKE WIFE, showing the darker and more upbeat side of the band, indicating the variety of musical styles the upcoming album Dots will have to offer.

The price you pay is the slow decay. Indifference that keeps the dogs at bay.

THE SNAKE WIFE is out Sept 3rd on Less Records, distributed by Cargo Records.

The Snake Wife  is out September 3rd on Less Records, distributed by Cargo Records.



„This record is so timeless that – years from now – when fans of good music will secretly share their hitlists it will still be in that number. SUBTERFUGE are better than ever, this album could even make them legendary.”

Intro Magazin
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„I am not sure if the release of this compilation signals that Subterfuge are intending a comeback, or simply getting all nostalgic in their lockdown days, but either way this is a total joy of an album.”

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„THE LEGENDARY EIFEL TAPES is the Düsseldorfer’s White Album…Sounding darker, more mature and experimental today: SUBTERFUGE can’t do anything but bring wonderful popmusic to

Visions Magazin
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„I really dig the Legendary Eifel Tapes by Subterfuge … sure I love Can and Amon Düül and Kraftwerk, like the next guy, but I am more excited about the living than the dead”.

Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM) when asked about his favourite german records
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„The result speaks for itself: A record that would appear in every music reviewer’s
Top Ten if it came from the likes of Wilco or Teenage Fanclub.”

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