We´re exited.
With its world premiere Tom Blankenberg´s “NIKI’S MUSIC SHOP” won
the Jury Award for “Best Mid-Length Doc” at the
Junction North Documentary Film Festival in Sudbury, Canada.

Jury member Jayson Stewart wrote this:
On behalf of the Festival Jury, I am pleased to announce the winner of the best mid-length documentary film. German filmmaker Tom Blankenberg brought us Niki’s Music Shop, a beautiful melancholic homage to the life of Niki Georgiev. When he passed away, Niki left a music store bursting at the seams with instruments, equipment, cables, and memories. Left untouched for nearly a decade, the Georgiev family and friends were tasked with cleaning out and selling the store. This film touched us deeply. Though these types of stores and their owners are quickly disappearing, this story helped preserve that nostalgia in a quiet, respectful, and beautiful way. Congratulations to Tom Blankenberg and his team for bringing us Niki’s Music Shop.


Thank you, dear Beth Mairs, Simone Wittifield, Jayson Stewart and the whole Junction North team.