“milkwood… how might that sound?”
Be prepared.

“Behind VOIDE is the Cologne-based musician and composer Axel Schmidt.”

After many years as a drummer and percussionist in various bands and projects, he has dedicated himself to his musical roots under this project name.
Influenced by his enthusiasm for melodic structures in early music, northern folk and jazz on the ECM label, he gives the music of Voide equal space and yet creates tangible closeness and intimacy.
With the album “Milkwood”, he has created piano miniatures that are united by a multi-layered, melancholy undertone and that bridge the gap between ambient music and neoclassical music.

The artistic approach and the album title are inspired by the radio play “under milk wood” by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and its interweaving of different voices and speech melodies, images and onomatopoeia.

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Axel Schmidt

E-Mail.: Axel Schmidt
Web: www.voide-music.de

“milkwood” is out on 21.06.2024

Appla Music


„… a hypnotic journey, during which the listener is softly cradled.”

Doug Thomas

„Such a beautiful piece with a gorgeous atmosphere and pleasant intimate sound.”


„I really love the texture and tone of the piano and the performance is just superb. ”

D. Tim – Mellow Mood

„ … directly from the keys into the heart ”


„… Such a mood setter… very beautiful, intimate and emotional.”

Piano Playlists, Sweden

„Beautiful piano melodies in a nice arrangement”

Sound Avenue, Belgium