Oktoberclub – Tische & Stühle

Before he encountered the Beatles and later New Wave, Post Punk and Indie, Thomas Baumhoff (Subterfuge) came into contact with the music of German singer-songwriters and chansoniers on his parents’ record shelves. Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader and Hermann van Veen were the soundtrack to his childhood before he began to actively engage with music himself.

Years ago, Thomas began to collect song and text ideas in German alongside his English-language projects ”Subterfuge”, ”The Baumhoff Explosives” and ”Ponyboy & Lovely Jeanny”. For a long time these were just collections of words, snippets of speech and dictaphone recordings, but in the meantime a few pieces have emerged.

Thomas is working on an album under the pseudonym “Oktoberclub”. The album cover is already finished, the rest will follow.