Tom Blankenberg – atermus – LP


„atermus” is the debut album of Düsseldorf based composer and sound designer Tom Blankenberg. It contains 13 solo piano miniatures located in a space between classical, jazz, avant-garde, score, song and minimal music.
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“I like small things, the nearness, the quietness … like crumbs, droplets, seconds. And i like blurriness.”

“atermus” is the debut album of Duesseldorf composer, producer and sound designer Tom Blankenberg.
13 minimal solo piano tracks in an undefined mixture of classical, jazz, avant-garde, score and song are creating a unique Neo-Film-Noir soundtrack with subtle, melancholic melodies rising over dense and tensioned harmonies, “Like an impressionistic painting” a listener once said. Or „…as if Bill Evans were communing with Arvo Pärt.”.
With his album, an amalgamation of decades as being a musician, composer and sound designer, but first of all a music lover, Tom Blankenbergs approach on the new, popular „Neoclassical“ genre, that more often take place outside of the concert hall, is very genuine – no effects, no loops and no electronics.
Pure piano – intimate, delicate, quiet and deep. A rest for 21st century minds. „atermus“ is available here at Less Records on vinyl and CD as well as on streaming platforms.

01. tori – 3:52
02. juni – 2:53
03. london fields – 3:48
04. femto – 0:59
05. august – 2:52
06. benkhausen – 4:14
07. märz – 4:17
08. atermus/reprise – 6:11
09. 09h53 – 2:01
10. oktober – 4:37
11. hirundo – 2:36
12. november – 3:38
13. nesuto – 1:49
released February 17, 2019

composed and performed by tom blankenberg
recorded at van heys studio, kleve
except „nesuto“ recorded at convoi studios, düsseldorf
mixed and mastered by kai blankenberg at
skyline tonfabrik, düsseldorf
cover art by hiroshi kawano © 1966 zkm, center for art and media, karlsruhe,
design by tg mauss, düsseldorf
© 2019 by tom blankenberg, released by less records, germany

What the press said:
„Genre bending!” 10/10 – PrettyInNoise
“Album Of The Month“ – Coolibri magazine
“This is one of the best contemplative and reflective piano albums I’ve heard. I love it!” – Pianodao
„Soundtrack für den geglückten Tag. Muss man hören.” – Rheinische Post

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