The Radio Field – Simple EP – CD


The Radio Field  / Simple EP released in 2022. Digipack CD.

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Some say it only takes enough boredom and a guitar to create something good. The Radio Field is the back-to-the-roots bedroom band of Lars from Subterfuge. Having a ten year old in your household that plays decent drums creates a lot of opportunities to fill your home with music, especially during lockdown. Simple EP is the first visible result of what happens in these four walls and is then finalised with help from friends. Released in close partnership with South African’s finest Subjangle Label.


01. Years Ago
02. The Wait
03. Clover
04. Congratulations

What the press said:

I Don’t Hear A Single: Schmidt’s main sphere is the excellent Dusseldorf band Subterfuge, so you do expect quality. That is exactly what you get here. At its heart, it is a jangling joy, but there is more than that.

Janglepophub: In a world of doubt…be assured this jangles likes keys in bell!

Austin Town Hall: Natural melodiousness that encourages faint toe-tapping. You can hear where the band takes notes from acts like The Lucksmiths or the like, careful not to let the power of the rock outdo the pop hooks.

Add To Wantlist: Takes parts of underground jangle pop and ’90s college rock, gives them a fair shake and it tastes sublime.

Subjangle: Possibly the jangliest thing you will have heard this side of the 80s!

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