„Songwriter material for  sultry sunsets on an american outback ranch”.

„The life and death of Ponyboy” is the first solo approach of Thomas Baumhoff – aka Ponyboy. It presents an elegant blend of styles and moods as Pop, Indie, Country, Dixieland and Blues.

The album was recorded between 2007 and 2012 in various studios, holiday houses and at home. 30 musicians helped out on instruments as tuba, clarinet, pedal steel, violin etc. The song Buffalo was even played by a whole Dixieland Band – The Muckefuck Jazz Band.

Multiinstrumentalist, producer and studio owner Thomas Hannes – aka „Lovely Jeanny” – took over production duties and acted as a creative sidekick.

„The life and death of Ponyboy“ was released in 2012 via Berlin-based label Snowhite/Universal. It’s available on all streaming services.



„A soundtrack for american series, indie movies and relaxed evenings.”

Radio Q

„Songwriter material for sultry sunsets on an american outback ranch”

Intro Magazin
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„Baumhoff mixes classical songwriting, pop, blues, indie and dixieland. Humorous and ironical as the irish band the Divine Comedy…”

Rheinische Post
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„A fantastic piece of work!”

Klaus Fiehe, EinsLive

„His admiration for the likes of Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson reaches a level you’ll rarely find in Germany”.