Die Datscha

DIE DATSCHA (THE DATSCHA) 23min – GER 2020 – HD 5.1
by Tom Blankenberg

If you´re living and working in a big city, but you have this desire for nature too… In Düsseldorf a group of people gathered to find a way to spend time in a green environment close to the city to combine these two worlds, for relaxation, parties and making art. DIE DATSCHA is the story of the little gardening collective Datscha. But they´re now forced to leave because this green oasis should be converted into a building complex … Düsseldorf Composer and Sound Designer Tom Blankenberg made a movie about it. To preserve this feelings and memories he shared with this special place. And to help to save this place against being deconstructed and demolished…

Director/Camera/eÉdit: Tom Blankenberg
Additonal Camera: Monika Pirch
Music: Marton Harvest, Subterfuge, Tom Blankenberg


Thanks to Kai Blankenberg, Marius Grote, Christian Hantel, Steffi Veenstra, Regine Weeder, Tim Fabian, Lobo Design,