The Pianowl

“The Pianowl” a short film about a restless owl & and the music video of the track “Nesuto” (nest). This is supposed to be one part of a short series (planned to be released as a full-length movie)

Director/Edit: Tom Blankenberg
Camera/Color Grading: Max Hüttermann
Music: “nesuto” by Tom Blankenberg taken from the album “atermus”
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Kai Blankenberg, Skyline Tonfabrik
Poster Artwork: Cornelia Greef

Inspired by Dominique Charpentier
Thanks to Jakob & Juliane Bock, Marlin de Haan, Jordanis Papadopoulos, Melanie Schrader, Simeon Walker, Alexandra Wehrmann, Olio&Pomodoro, Trinkhalle Nana, bird in north river and Piano & Coffee.