Niki´s Music Shop

“Niki’s Music Shop” – a music shop that refuses to arrive in the present. For many years musician Tom Blankenberg has been passing by the shop regularly, and he is fascinated by the fact that absolutely nothing ever changes here. The collection of old instruments in the shop window has remained untouched for decades. And above all, the shop is always closed. When Blankenberg sets out to find out what’s behind it, the shop is suddenly open…
“Niki’s Music Shop” tells a story about the dream of surrounding yourself with musical instruments, of living and working with them, of feeling and experiencing them in these times of modern online stores, about old friends and new tasks. And it´s about the love of music.

Director/Camera/Edit: Tom Blankenberg
Music: TG Mauss
Color Grading: Max Hüttermann
Englisch Subtitles: Katie Jordans

Thanks to
Family Georgiev, Family Michailow, Oliver Banz, Swen Buckner, Sven Hansen, Lasse Herrmann, Jil Homburg, Thomas Baumhoff, Kathrin Bernsau, Lars Schmidt & Cornelia Rohkämper