30 years of Subterfuge. 30 years of indie pop from Düsseldorf. Having grown up together – jointly, side by side and for each other – and with hundreds of true tales in the backpack, here is their new album Dots.

Dots. is nothing less than a biography. Not only that of Subterfuge, ours as well. Vibrant and ever-changing harmonic vocals about life as it is: warm and touching, surprising, dissonant, full of love and also brittle at times. College rock with kids on the passenger seat. Metropoli- tan country, Subpop in perfection – often 60s, preferably psychedelic, but never aiming for
a downfall. Rather the opposite – their fifth album turns out to be their most positive. And it’s the musical coincidence of six boys that know they will have each other for life. No kitsch here, no plastic romance, no superfluous drama. Just real life turned into music. Our life. Our own soundtrack.

Yessica Yeti

Dots. is out on Mar 03 on Less Records, distributed by Cargo Records.



„Beautiful and timeless”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„From twee tunes to jangles to psychedelic to college rock, they can write it all and play it with style and conviction. Dots. will be one of your out of left field treasures of the year.”

When You Motor Away
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„This record is so timeless that – years from now – when fans of good music will secretly share their hitlists it will still be in that number. SUBTERFUGE are better than ever, this album could even make them legendary.”

Intro Magazin
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„I am not sure if the release of this compilation signals that Subterfuge are intending a comeback, or simply getting all nostalgic in their lockdown days, but either way this is a total joy of an album.”

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Dots. again is a typical Subterfuge album in the sense that listeners should enjoy it in its entirety – absolutely no fillers here!

Frankfurter Rundschau

„Subterfuge have a flair for big melodies, perfect vocal harmonies, ambitious arrangements and a contagious playfulness.”


„THE LEGENDARY EIFEL TAPES is the Düsseldorfer’s White Album…Sounding darker, more mature and experimental today: SUBTERFUGE can’t do anything but bring wonderful popmusic to

Visions Magazin
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„I really dig the Legendary Eifel Tapes by Subterfuge … sure I love Can and Amon Düül and Kraftwerk, like the next guy, but I am more excited about the living than the dead”.

Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM) when asked about his favourite german records
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„The new album by Germany’s most important indie rock band can be distilled into just three words: Eiffel Tower High.”

Pretty In Noise
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Stephanie Said and The Snake Wife could have been released on Sarah Records, the beautifully produced Beatles psych-soaked The Good Good and the whimsy Why Do I Always Fail To Win could have come from the likes of Ray Davis or Harry Nilsson and my favourite track are the Ride-like opening shoegaze Licentiousness and the epic 7min Margarine.

Louder Than War
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„The result speaks for itself: A record that would appear in every music reviewer’s
Top Ten if it came from the likes of Wilco or Teenage Fanclub.”

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Started as three college friends making music together, Subterfuge in 1993 released their first album „Fabulous”.


In 1996 Subterfuges second album „Marc” was released, presenting a mixture of Pop, Punk and Indie.


In 2001 the third album „I do Birds” was released in Europe and Japan. The videos for „I do Birds” and „Silly Girl” had some heavy rotation on MTV and Viva.


In 2003 twentyeight German bands (famous and non-famous ones) covered the songs of Subterfuges first record “Fabulous” to form a tribute album.


The album was recorded in three years of intensive work with producer O.L.A.F. Opal (The Notwist, Miles, Liquido) and was mixed at famous Uphon Studio in Weilheim (Lali Puna, Console, Slut and many others).


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