The Radio Field – Don’ts & Dos (Album)

“These songs by The Radio Field burrow their way through my ear canal direcly into the comfort center of my brain – and stay there forever. Already their debut “Simple EP”, that Lars (known for his songwriting skills from the institutional band Subterfuge) recorded mostly on his own was a killer, here is the eagerly awaited album Don’ts And Dos. And these ten songs, produced in bass player Christoph’s Domblick Studio in Cologne and enriched with well-known guests (Robert Stadtlober, Stefanie Schrank, Phantom Handshakes, Bukahara) are catchy tunes start to finish! Landmarks! Instant Hits! Or how do you call songs you can sing along with and that put a spring in your shoes for the entire day?” MARK KOWARSCH (Sharon Stoned, Speedniggs, Antikörper on ByteFM)

THE RADIO FIELD: What started as the lockdown homerecording project of Lars from Subterfuge now became a proper band with Mark Specht (first Subterfuge drummer), Christoph Schneider (Bass –  Clayton Farlow, Klee, Soap/Soccer) and Philipp Breuer (Guitar – Pale) joining in. Their debut album DON’TS AND DOS will be realeased (LP, CD, digital) on Aug 25 via Subjangle (SA) and Less Records (DE), distributed by Cargo Records.

(Longer version of band bio below)

LER0033 (LP)
LER0032 (CD)
LER0034 (digital)
Release 2023-08-25
Label Code 93047


Upcoming Live Dates 

13.04.2024 Hersbruck, Kulturbahnhof

15.04.2023 Hamburg, Pony Bar

25.04.2023 Münster, Rare Guitar

02.05.2024 Berlin, Schokoladen

09.05.2024 Köln, Hängende Gärten

Press Quotes:

The Radio Field klingen diesen Deut größer als die Summe ihrer Teile, amerikanischer, nach infektiösem Collegerock. Ein Album, das in seinen ansteckenden Melodien und schicken Arrangements nach hochhängenden Früchten greift, wo anderen das Fallobst genügt VISIONS

Mit diesem hibbelig-supermelodösen Sound hätten The Radio Field perfekt auf den 1986 veröffentlichten C86 Kassettensampler gepasst. OX

Solche Platten gibt es eigentlich nur in England. Klingt traumhaft, als hätten Teenage Fanclub mit Mitgliedern von Slowdive und den Pastels eine Platte beim wiederbelebten Sarah Records aufgenommen. RHEINISCHE POST

Dieses Album ist ein fröhliches Fest der zeitlosen Melodie – POP in Großbuchstaben also, der eigentlich Millionen Hörer verdient hätte.  BEDROOMDISCO

Ziemlich hittig!  LINUS VOLKMANN

Klingt so easy, aber solche Tracks muss man erstmal schreiben können!  KLAUS FIEHE

Band Bio (long version)

So here i was in late 2020, the first year of the pandemic. We were in our second lockdown and things at home started becoming more and more a routine. My band Subterfuge had just recently reformed and our album Dots. was in the final stages of recording, where my parts were fully done already. Also for my other, almost life-long project The Modern Air & Space Society on which I had been working for the last 15 years (still to be released) all recordings had been made and I was still waiting for my partner Lomp to create the corresponding comic.

Some say it only takes enough boredom and a musical instrument to create something good. I picked up the guitar much more than usual while the Social Media work for Subterfuge had reminded me a lot of the heyday of my musical socialisation: C86, early Creation, US College Rock. Within a couple of days a handful of songs came out just like this. All shops were closed at the time so I mail-ordered a Rickenbacker 12-string, got the AC30 home from the practice room and started recording those songs. Josephine came with the train one Saturday, sang her angelic backing vocals in the corner between the wall and the wardrobe and my son Gustav added some high notes right in time before he went into his puberty vocal change. And so this was that.

On its release the reactions to Simple EP were close to overwhelming. Not only was there lots of interest and very positive feedback, i was also asked by good friends if we should form a real band out of it. And here we are now with Mark Specht (Drums, founding member of Subterfuge), Christoph Scheider (Bass, former member of Klee, Clayton Farlow, Soap, Soccer) and Philipp Breuer (Lead Guitar, of Pale fame) and myself. With people sharing similar tastes and a musical vision an album full of songs was arranged in no time and recordings were started already at the second rehearsal. From first ideas to a longplayer (album drops in August) in a bit over half a year is an absolute record time in my personal musical story and the result still entails more of myself than any other release before.

Aren’t three musical outlets (I have another postal indie electro band called Quent, which had a break at the time too) enough i was asked. And the answer probably should have been a clear yes. Well, you wouldn’t be reading these lines if I had followed that advice. And hey, isn’t it the silly and superfluous that is the most fun?

(Lars, May 2023)

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Album Artwork 3000×3000
Technical Rider
Photo Band 1 Flowers (Suzie Kerstgens)
Photo Band 2 Flowers (Suzie Kerstgens)
Photo Band 3 Hazy (Suzie Kerstgens)
Photo Solo 1 Cows (Lars Schmidt)
Photo Solo 2 Melone (Lars Schmidt)